WEA Group completes Lal Lal Wind Farm

IMG_E2677[2]The Lal Lal Wind Farm will  generate capacity of approximately 220MW. This is enough to power approximately 95,000 homes per year. The project is estimated to save 780,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.
The area’s strategic location will allow the wind farm to generate and export power to the national electricity market through an existing 220kV power line in proximity to the site that falls within Elaine and an existing 66kv above ground transmission line that runs through the Yendon section.
Lal Lal Wind Farm will deliver environmental, economic and social benefits by generating clean energy. The project will also contribute to local communities through the Lal Lal Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund and the creation of employment opportunities.


Lal Lal Wind Farm is approximately 2,100 hectares in area located on land at Elaine and at Yendon, within Moorabool Shire. The two components of the wind farm are located approximately 9 km apart and are respectively 25km and 17km southeast of Ballarat.

WEA Group completed the Electrical Retic package in July 2019 and maintained our success in delivering a LTI free project.

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