Snake found in trench

The WEA Group team found a Red Belly Black Snake on the Infigen Cherry Tree Wind Farm. Handlers were called and the snake was safely relocated.

Snakes are very common on worksites in warm weather. Typical areas where snakes are found are protected areas such as under buildings and near sheds, around rubble and stored materials, in boxes (e.g. electrical switch box), in long grass – and it’s not uncommon for them to enter open unattended vehicles. Snakes are not usually aggressive and do not seek confrontation with humans but may retaliate if threatened or cornered. All snakes will defend themselves but brown snakes are particularly fast and agile and have a larger strike area than other types. The important thing to remember is to never attempt to catch or kill a snake – most snake bites occur when people are trying to do this. Also, snakes are protected fauna in Australia, so killing them is against the law. If a snake is encountered, it is best to remain completely still until the snake leaves. Watch where the snake goes – from a safe distance – and alert others to the hazard.

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