To build on your success and supply toWEA Group, please register your details and expression of interest by completing the online supplier registration form.  The registration process is easy to follow and by completing the form your information can be directed to the right person within WEA Group’s Procurement team.

WEA Group’s Procurement team uses different processes in sourcing and supplying goods and services, dependant on what is required. Opportunities range from national to local contracts.

Once you have completed the form, the WEA Group’s Procurement team will be able to notify you of upcoming opportunities.

Our suppliers have been paramount in building the foundations of WEA Group and will continue to help shape the future of the Company.

Please note:

  • Expressing your interest does not pre-qualify you as a WEA Group supplier;
  • Expressing your interest does not guarantee that you will be contacted by WEA Group; and
  • A comprehensive vetting process is undertaken prior to awarding a supplier contract.  This includes: background checks on your financial health; health and safety standards and policies; human rights policies; environmental policies; not excluding adhering to our Terms and Conditions.

Supplier requirements:

Please refer to the WEA Group Supplier Terms and Conditions document before registering your interest. Applying to become a WEA Group suppliers mean you accept out terms and conditions.

Supplier registration form

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